Virgo Season

Hello from my kitchen. It’s good to be home. Actually I’ve been at home for almost one week now. I’ve been everywhere this month and It has been exhausting. The weather was horrible lately but today I see the sun and I’m not cold in the middle of the day in August. So the summer has not left the building yet, I guess. 

The other day I was sitting at the exact same spot here. The neighbors from the front building started to argue. I think it was because of some running water from the balcony. The man who was complaining about the situation went from zero to 1000 in just two seconds and started to curse and threatened the woman upstairs by saying “killing them all”. And I started to laugh. Not because it was funny, because it was so fucking absurd. Each and every single day, my hope for mankind is fading…

Well, it’s officially Virgo Season and It’s time for me to shine.  So I raise my glass of lemon water to better mornings, better days, better weeks,  months and years!

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