I turned 37 two days ago. Let me tell you how I feel…

First of all, I do not feel old. I do not know how being old feels like to be honest. I just know to be me and feel like me and I looooove this 37 year old version of me. Secondly, I believe that growing older is a fucking privilege. I feel so lucky! I can not put into words how grateful I feel…

Like I do every year, I again made some birthday resolutions and wishes. The main theme is “not to put things off“. I want to travel more. There are tens of places we want to visit and I do believe we’ll see all of them and even more but we have to move out of this stagnancy and start somewhere, break free the quicksand. 

I want to read all of those thick books I’ve been wanting to read but avoiding secretly. I want to watch all of those long movies that have been waiting for years in our film archive. I’ll do the things I’ve been planning to do. No more postponing, no more procrastinating. 

37 was the best year of my 30’s. I believe from the heart, 38 is going to be gloriously way better.

I shall rise, oh well I shall rise again and again… :)


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Seven

  1. Happy 38th year! Having a chance to enjoy birthdays and actually get to live life longer is indeed a beautful privilege. I’ll look forward to your travel stories! <3

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