Good Karma

Yesterday I decided to create a blog challenge (yes, again!) and started to write questions for it. I don’t know whether I’ll post it or not but I’m trying to find “good” and never asked questions. Well, not never never but let’s say rare. Anyway, I came up with a specific one that questions our purpose in life, a very deep one. Then I started to think, think about mine of course. What is my purpose in life? And I immediately started to feel down, kind of depressed. I instantly thought I haven’t done anything. Nothing. I felt inadequate, I felt not good enough. I felt bad. I felt useless.

This morning, when I was about to finish my breakfast, I checked my Instagram and the first post I saw in my homepage was this:

It suddenly hit me right that moment. Our purpose might not be just one thing that you achieve. Our purpose is about our hearts, our intention. If time is an illusion and we are all about vibes, I can vibe with my life’s true purpose whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for the right circumstances or the right time. I just need to open my heart to it. Everyone is here for a reason. I believe our lessons in this lifetime are deeply connected with our purpose. We just need to be open. 

This wasn’t a coincidence. This was an answer to me. A very loud and clear answer. When you are open, you get the answers from the Universe. 

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