Un Weekend Ensoleillé


En fait récemment, J’ai beaucoup envie de parler/ d’écrire en français mais sure I’ll continue the post in English. What a beautiful weekend we had with my husband! Despite the fact that we are both sick right now (nothing serious, just cold) It was very nice.

We both wanted to be in nature, surrounded by green and blue so on Saturday, we went a valley we’ve never been before near our city. We were so lucky because the weather was so nice and it was sunny all day. We brought our chairs and sat for two hours, enjoyed the amazing view and the silence of the valley. Then we went to one of my favorite places in Ankara; the covered market. Next stop was the city center and we walked and walked and walked. 

The next day, Sunday, we were at home all day as we were not feeling good. We just went out for a little grocery shopping and dinner. It has been a while since we spent a two day weekend together. It was a lovely one. Now I’ll cook my flu season soup for dinner. I hope we recover soon. 

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