September 2019

We all go through rough times in life. In my opinion, those times are always good reminders to appreciate the little things and that there’s always a bright side. September was the bright side, it was my medicine. How it couldn’t be?

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Sometimes I just can not believe it. I love you baby! I’m the happiest and the luckiest woman because you are by my side.image

8 years of marriage and 37 trips around the sun. Goodbye 37. I did really like you. Hello 38, I’m beyond grateful that you are here!

And I again got the greatest gifts. The prettiest one?  My beautiful white orchids. But I can not forget my books of course! 

We were out and about until the day I went to Istanbul to take care of my sister’s fur babies. They were on vacation for one week so I stayed there. Unfortunately Mr. T couldn’t join me because he was also in vacation during that weekend with his colleagues. I saw an old friend while I was there, after 12 years and she was my best friend when I was in high school. Then the 1999 earthquake fucked  up our lives. We found ourselves again during late college years but living in different cities (I was in Istanbul, she was in Ankara!) then life happened. Anyway, with all my heart I can say that I was extremely happy to see her again. Normally I don’t want to be in contact with people from my past. That may sound weird to you but that’s how I live my life. But this time I’m glad that I called her and we met. I’m happy that she’s back in my life. This time I’m in Ankara, she’s in Istanbul but that’s OK.

But the best part was as always coming back home. On that trip I took the train instead of the plane like I always do. I must say it was more comfortable than the plane because the road from airport to my sister’s place is such a pain in the ass and the train station is just 3 minutes away from her home. Plus you can sit all alone if you travel in business. 

The next thing we did was by the end of the month we wanted to be in nature and went to a valley near our city and the next day we were both sick thanks to unstable weather. But we recovered real quick. We planned another trip by the end of this month and it seems likely to be cancelled because we unquestionably need to spend time at home and declutter and organize the back room. We’ll see.

I’ve read beautiful books in September. First one is a must-read if you are into Greek Mythologie. I saw this book when we were in Hierapolis but it was too expensive and of course I’ve found and bought it cheaper online. I’m glad I did because It is a fairy tale book that’s all I can say.

Then I read two Zweig books and I loved them both. Un Mariage à Lyon and Story of a Downfall. Next I read a very interesting autobiographique grapic novel by Élodie Durand. It’s called La Parenthèse. The Grass Harp by Truman Capote was by next book and it was my first time reading Capote. It was a lovely story. Lastly I read Being There by Jerzy Kosiński

Surprisingly we didn’t watch a single episode of a single series. But we watched NINE movies during September. How we missed watching movies! It’s great to be back to the movie world. My favorite of this month was Manchester By The Sea.

That was it for September 2019. It was beautiful. I wish you an amazing October and enjoy the autumn colors and Halloween time!

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