Reading: The Silent Regard of Things. If you’ve read The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss, you may have read or want to read this one. It’s the story of Kvothe’s friend Auri, a character from the Chronicle. I’ve read the books almost 6 years ago and I barely remember the details. I thought reading Auri’s story would be a nice reminder of Kvothe’s world but to be honest it’s kind of empty? Nothing is happening through out the book. Well, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s a disappointment already.

Watching: Great movies!I’ve mentioned it here before that we cut the cord with series and dived into the big screen again. We’ve already watched 7 movies this month. 

Listening to:

 Thinking about: Travelling. When did it become so difficult to create an opportunity to travel? When did it become this impossible to arrange everything and leave? The job, the schedule, the time, the money… 

Loving: Maple Syrup. I tried it for the first time. Agave is my all time favorite sweetener but Mr. T brought this maple syrup from Poland a few months ago and I finally gave it a go and baked refined sugar-free cookies. It’s not a must-have for me but keeping it on hand is a good alternative.

Making me happy: My skincare routine. Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m into skincare products much more than makeup. I know my skin very well and before I invest in anything I search the shit out of the internet. It has to be cruelty-free, it has to be non-toxic, it has to be affordable, it has to meet my expectations… Lately I’m trying out new things and want to share them here.

Enjoying: Vegan cookies with rooibos tea or matcha latte  while watching movies in the evening. Favorite time of the day

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