like a wheel within a wheel

Hello after a four-day long weekend. Mr. T. was off on Monday and Tuesday so today is a wednesday-monday. It definitely feels like it. We made plans for this weekend but then we cancelled it because we had a lot to do in the house. The back room was a total disaster (AGAIN!) and we had to deal with it. Immediately! Plus, Mr. T. was exhausted so it was the best decision to cancel the plans. I’m glad we did. We handled the back room, we did this and that, we both had time to relax and had things done. 

I have to stay at home today because I have to wait for a package. I bought a book from Amazon last Sunday and it’s still not arrived. I called them today and they say it will arrive today around 15:00. I plan to bake sugar and oil free cookies. Also I’ll make my famous vegan burgers for dinner. So today is me and my kitchen with the company of music. But first a late delicious vegan breakfast is waiting for me and a beautiful song for you!

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