Nom Nom News

Happy Friday! I just woke up, I won’t lie. After my skincare routine, I made myself a tea, fed the cats and now I’m in the mood for writing. I must admit, it rarely happens lately. 

Yesterday I recorded a video at home. It’s a recipe video for a vegan, sugar-free cookie. It’s not my first video, I made another one in summer time but never posted it. Plus, I used to make videos for our summer vacations if you are reading here for some time. I don’t know why I quit. I guess it’s because that Youtube madness. As a middle-age lady, I didn’t want to be seemed as a part of it. Well, I had never made the videos for Youtube, they were only made for souvenir and I’m glad I made them because every now and then we watch them and smile. Maybe for this summer I can try to make a new one, I don’t know. 

Anyway, as no papers were waiting for me, I decided to make a recipe video. I don’t know whether I edit/post it or not. I really don’t know because I know myself. I’m not super passionate about these things (or anything!). But as Mr. T. says without trying you never know what is possible so here we are.

I actually came here to wish you a happy weekend. The weather will be fine here in Ankara. We didn’t make any plans though. Hope you have beautiful ones.

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