New Year’s Resolutions*2020

What? You didn’t think that I’d share my new year’s resolutions and goals? I’m an introverted Virgo just in case you forgot. I live by the goals I set for myself. And as usual I’ll start with my traditional reminder about goals and what I think about setting them, my point of view by clicking the quote below. Thank you. 

Meditate: This was one of 2019 resolutions. Did I achieve it? Yes and no. There are two meditation practices I follow; one is for the day time and the other is the one we do together with Mr. T before we go to sleep. I mostly did the night time meditation so my goal for this year is including the day time session to my routine. 

Move/Workout/Dance: Again, another repeating goal from last year. But this year, as my motto is “No more postponing, no more procrastinating“, I am going to MOVE. 

Travel: By “travel” I’m not talking about travelling 40 different cities. God no! That’s not me. But I feel like it’s time to go and visit some of those places which we keep talking about and planning to visit one day. 1-2 foreign travels, and maybe a few new places in the country? A romantic get away on our anniversary? 

Stick to my morning/evening routines: This one was a 2019 resolution as well. Actually, I was good at this one but not as good as I wanted to. I just want to be religiously consistent about it.

Try something new: Something. Anything. That I’ve never done before. A yoga class? A breathwork seminar? A new language?

Read: This year I’m not going to set a reading challenge on Goodreads. Because I want to read those fat books I have wanted to read forever and I don’t want to be worried about whether I can keep up with it or not. So my goal is to read the world classics, trilogies etc. that I’ve kept postponing to read. 

Journal: I used to have a gratitude journal and lately I started to keep it again. I want to keep writing throughout the whole year. It’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep. One of the best routines I’ve ever started.

I have more resolutions, goals and wishes for 2020 but I prefer to keep some private as they are more personal. I believe 2020 is going to be a successful year in terms of goals and achievements. I just feel it :) 

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