January 2020


When we started to the new month, I said “I want February to be more active” because January 2020 was completely the opposite. It’s nearly the end of the month and the action hasn’t showed itself yet…

January was nice. We celebrated my husband’s birthday. Happy birthday to the love of my life again! I love you!

The only exceptional thing we did in January was to visit the new modern museum in our neighbor city, Eskisehir. Other than that, the month was all about food and TV shows.

Yesss, TV shows and series. In December 2019, I was looking for a series to watch by myself while Mr. T was working late and I decided to watch Succession. It was so good and I kept and kept and kept saying it so my husband decided to watch with me. So after 13 episodes, I started to watch it all over again with him. We’ve just finished two seasons of the show.  As 2020 is all about “not putting things off” I watched a long-awaited show: FIREFLY. And now it’s one of my favorite shows!

This was the belated monthly review I’ve ever posted, I guess. Better late than never!

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