February & March 2020

February 2020. It feels like ages ago. As far as I remember we went to my home town to celebrate my father’s birthday and spent a weekend in Istanbul. Two perfectly normal but underrated things in the present day. While in Istanbul we visited Marina Abramović Institute exhibition. Yes I know it sounds weird, all those people, crowded groups in a closed space… Well I was not super impressed because I was familiar with her works but I didn’t want to miss it anyway. March 2020, when everything took a turn. Early in March this time we celebrated my mother’s birthday. The other beautiful thing was we saw the play King Lear. And then the lockdown. I’m not going to complain. We’re so lucky we do not have to go to work. We’re at home and that’s how it should be. As I mentioned here before we don’t have any problems when it comes to spending time at home. We watched really good movies during these two months. Uncut Gems, Marriage Story, Tales of Eathsea, Ford vs Ferrari and Jojo Rabbit are the ones we watched in February. But we watched an animation and it became one of my all time favorites; J’ai Perdu Mon Corps /I Lost My Body. 

We started to “revisit” good old movies in March. First we watched The Mask, Inception and No Country For Old Men. Then watched Hustlers, Midsommar, Mon Roi and Short Term 12. 

That was our last two months. I wasn’t really in the mood for writing and I’m not going to lie I’m not glad I did. I totally feel like “What difference does it make?”. Well, I’m really into PUBG lately now I’m leaving. Try to have a nice month, stay home and be safe. 

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