Reading: Nothing. Seriously, nothing. I started to read The Karamazov Brothers 2 months ago and since the beginning of the lock down, I’ve maybe read 30 pages. That’s it. I just can’t. I tried and I can not focus. So I let go.

Watching: Broadchurch. We promised not to watch any series but couldn’t resist this one because David Tennant and Olivia Colman! We finished two seasons in one week and now just started the third and the last season.

Listening to:

Thinking about: The future. Near future. Sometimes I think about upcoming summer. Then I feel guilty. Then I feel guilty about feeling guilty because I know I shouldn’t suppress my emotions, I should allow myself to feel everything. I should acknowledge them and let them be. If I feel sad about the upcoming summer and our plans, that’s howI feel. I shouldn’t feel guilty. Because on the other hand, I feel extremely blessed and I’m very grateful for every single day of my life. 

Loving: My new skincare products. I’ve bought a few new skincare stuff way before this lock down but never had the will to try them. This clay mask is now my new favorite.

Making me happy: This might kind of sound a bit selfish but being able to spend time with my husband has been making me very happy. Despite all, (we are in quarantine and the world is going through shit show times…) I feel very lucky to have him by my side, to be able to have breakfast and watch movies together, go to bed very late and wake up later.

Enjoying: I “try” enjoying these lazy weird days. I don’t know what day it is. I only wear jammies and sweatpants. Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream and I’ll wake up and start just where I left off. 

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