April 2020

I don’t know what to write. I guess April 2020 was pretty similar for all of us. We were at home. We just went out for groceries. We cooked, we baked, we ate, we played games, we (barely) read, we watched movies and series, we got bored, we went through our old photos…

I’m feeling much better in comparison to the first days of lock down. Although Mr. T. has started to work, I still only go out for grocery shopping. The weather was horrible but the end of April and May are the best times of our city so I’m sad we’re missing these days. We promised we’re going to have a picnique when all this ends. I really really really miss being in nature…

Since Mr. T. has gone back to work, life is pretty normal-ish. I mean, I sort of went back to my old daily routine. I get up early, I started to read my books, have healthy breakfasts. I stopped thinking about where this pandemic is going. It might be over by summer or it might continue for two years, I don’t know. I’m not checking the news or Twitter. I try to be present, try to be in the moment, I’m being, we’re being as cautious as possible and make sure my loved ones are safe. We are helping old people and animals as much as we can. 

That was our April. I hope everyone is doing fine.

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