The other day I realized that I genuinely, with all my heart (I don’t want to use the word “hate” but…) don’t like people who don’t listen. 

They are there, right in front of you. You are having a conversation like two adults. You say things, they say things. While you are talking, they look at you like they care and they listen. But all they do is just hear. They only hear, they don’t listen. While “listening” to you, they look at you but all they are doing at that moment is to think about the things they are going to say next. They just seem to listen to you because they know they can’t talk all the time, they know they should let you say a few things because otherwise it’d be rude. Oh no, they are not rude people! They just don’t care. You should know the difference. 

What am I? A fucking interviewer? Go start fucking journaling or a blog like me. Work on your fucking communication skills and try to have an adult conversation once in your lifetime. I’m not wasting my energy or my time on those people anymore. And by the way;


and fuck your patriarchy and fuck your oppression…

Have a lovely day.

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