Thirty Eight

In September I turned 38.

The weirdest age of my life. I had weird years back in time; weird people, weird relationships, weirdos etc. But this level of weirdness this time was not specific to me, it was all around the world.

I’ve just read the blog post I wrote last year for my 37th birthday. Like last year, I again feel very lucky and grateful. Growing old is a privilege and I really appreciate it. I learnt a lot this year, just like the rest of us. Not taking anything for granted is the first and the most important in the list. On my 37th birthday, I had decided to do the things I put off doing. “I’ll do the things I’ve been planning to do. No more postponing, no more procrastinating“. My exact words… But instead, I had to give up on even my simple daily routine. Another thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I again made birthday resolutions this year. I decided to challenge myself more. In reading, in learning for instance but most importantly in solving problems. I decided to dress more colorful like I used to and take every opportunity to travel and stay close to nature and also stay away from everyone and everything that make me feel anything less. 

So again, happy birthday to me🎈

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