New Year Thoughts

Well, well, well… Guess who has remembered she had a blog…

To be honest, I’m a little forcing myself to write even right now. I felt distanced and disconnected from the blogosphere for quite a long time. I stopped writing monthly recaps, post challenges and songs. I even didn’t write a Farewell 2020 post. Why? Because I simply didn’t want to.

Ok. 2021.

The new year started good. I mean, I can’t complain. The restrictions are still in place. We can’t go out after 21:00 on weekdays and on weekends, it’s complete lockdown. We visited my parents a few times during the weekends and had the chance to spend time in nature. Chilly misty weather, my beloved and long walks <3That has been a good start for me. Maybe I’ll be back soon because I realized I have really nice photos as I’ve been using my smart phone just for taking photos lately because I’ve been using my old cell phone for a while. I’ve been living like it’s ’00s and I’m loving it.

And also it would be nice to share again. Anyway, I hope you a nice weekend.

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