Back Again

Oh hi! 

It’s been exactly one month since I’ve last written here. And the last time I posted a monthly update was on May 2020! Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if the COVID-19 pandemic never happened…

Lately I have an urge to write here. I guess I miss my blog, and the blogosphere. So I decided to come back and try my best to keep here updated. Also I’m working on a blog challenge, like I have nothing else to do… But seriously, I miss my blog, I miss writing, I miss my blog friends and it feels like – that may sound silly but- I’m doing something for myself.

One more thing before ending this short update; some of my posts will be protected. You’ll need a password to reach them. Each protected post will have the same password and the password will be sent to my followers. If not, you can demand via e-mail. Once you get the password, you will have access to all protected posts.

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening ladies and gentlemen

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