One Last Last Time

By the end of October I did my last book shopping of the year. I could read only 3 books of that purchase. We spent the last weekend in İstanbul at my sister’s. We were talking about books and I told her I came across a new series I’ve never heard of before. It’s called Temeraire. The series consists of 9 books and they are alternate history fantasy novels. It’s very famous but I’m not going to lie, like I said I’ve never heard of them before. Anyway, my husband was sitting with us and he was on his phone. Now that I know, he was buying these for me at that moment. The package arrived today and when I called him, he said he simply wanted to surprise me and he melted my heart

I’m planning to start the new year with these beauties and I can not wait.
I love you husband. You are my everything. I’m very pleased with those unexpected surprises. 

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