What a long fucking week… And It’s still thursday… I haven’t done one of these Currently posts for as long as I can remember so here we go.

Reading:  A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories by Lucia Berlin.

In fact, I started reading His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik but you know the feeling when the timing is not right with a book? I felt that so badly thus I quit. The first book I saw on the bookshelf the other night was this one.

Watching: I’ve just finished watching Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?.

I really love animated series. Carmen Sandiego is actually based on a computer game from the 80’s. It was first produced in 1994, which I had no idea about. I watched the new 2019 released version but I really want to see the 90’s series too. Anyway, right now I’m on the second season of A Discovery of Witches and in the meantime I watched a mini series; Ordeal by Innocence. I really liked it so I continued to watch mini crime series and finished watching And Then There Were None.

Listening to: This song. It’s on loop everywhere, in the kitchen while cooking, in the bathroom while cleaning, in the car while driving.

Thinking about: To give a makeover to my monthly reviews.

Right now (and for a while) I’m not really devoted to blogging but I want to. The best way to find my way back is to simplify things. I’m thinking about a shorter, easier way to recap the months of 2022. 

Loving: My new family bag.

I was looking for a weekender bag for our weekend getaways. I don’t want to carry luggage every time for a one night trip, even though it’s the cabin size. Well, I know this is not a weekender bag. Essentially, it’s a nursery bag for moms and dads. But who cares? We are a family and we needed a family bag that can function as a weekender bag. Plus, it looks so cool.

Making me happy:  That we are eating at home most of the time, as a result we are eating healthier. We are both committed to eat right and healthier, move more and want to stay committed the way we are whole year. 

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