About this blog

I started Boredom Is Fun Sometimes in 2009 just because I wanted a place of my own on the internet and because cool people were doing it back then. I’ve never thought I would stick with it for that long. It was just a whim for me. 

At that time, I was writing in my native language -Turkish- and it was kind of more personal. By the time I got into “blogosphere”, my niche changed. 

To be honest, at first I looked up to some blogger ladies that I thought really cool and tried to imitate them under cover of ” inspiration”. When I look back, that was needless…

I started to write mostly in English and fortunately I did because  I had the chance to meet lovely people around the web. You can find here arts and artists I like, book and movie reviews, songs I keep listening, stuff I’m craving to have, clothing I’m drooling over… I love to share everything that make me think, smile and happy. I also share montly glances of my life. 

I am not here to please everyone or offend anyone. This is a place where I want to keep our memories and – It sounds a bit cheesy but- our way through life. This is what I’ve been doing here since 2009.

Thank you again for reading.



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