counting backwards

“On New Year’s Eve, the moon will be in Aries, so you may opt for a private, quiet celebration away from crowds so that you can devote all your attention to your one-and-only. That sounds good, dear Virgo. Sometimes something as simple as watching the snow fall when wrapped in the arms of the person who loves you is all you need to enjoy a stunning beginning to the coming year. Happy New Year, dear Virgo!”
                                                                        Susan Miller
That is exactly what I need…Actually we are planning to be with our dearest friends, Elif and Ömer. We haven’t decided where we will be yet, in our perfect and full of fun castle or in their ordinary home (haha) but I’m on soooo many preparations already! I’m planning to make some new year cupcakes, delicious and conceptional cookies. If we’re going to be at our place, dinner menu is also ready!

 We’re longing for a quite new year night with good friends with some good food and good music.  Maybe a good movie in coming hours.

Though it’s possible that we’ll be in Istanbul, I enjoy decorating our home. Our tree (which has been in our living room since last year! But the lights were off!) is twinkling again and I loooooovee watching it. Some little details are giving us the christmas spirit, too.

I can’t help it, I’m very excited in this time of year! I wish there were gifts for everyone under the christmas tree but we promised that there is no more present for some time. I’ve given his birthday gifts because I ordered them early and  I see no point in waiting! So I gave him the wrist watch ( Yes he is a Tissot enthusiast…) and the shoes he liked months ago. (SURPRISE!) I’ll share them here this week with 3 other gift ideas “for him”.

Last week, I took 2 days off from work, as the drama level in the office reaches it’s top and made me wanna puke on people. I was at home for 2 days and gooooddd!! It was perfect! How I needed that! I woke up and have breakfast, had time for reading, cooking, making things, running…The housewife inside me was truly blessed…I think I should have a home-office job someday. But right now, I’m in my new department, in my new office with my new manager. Thank you lord for rescuing me from that hell! I’m as motivated as I can be in my new place and I hope it goes on.

By the way, we continue to decorate our living room with some lovely frames. Next step will be changing the curtains.

My favorites are;

After living room, we’ll take care of our bedroom. (I’ll need that christmas tree lights).

Well, 2 weeks to new year 2012 and ofcourse without a new year resolution post, a year shouldn’t end!  Going to share them…


 Here’s our week with my favorite photos. ( They are also for my 365 Project)

Hope you are as excited as me for the new year!



 P.S. Dear ELif and Omer, I know you will read this. If you are going to change you freaking plans, you know that I’m going to cut your asses!

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