Gifts for Me ♔


We don’t exchange gifts with Mr. T in new year time but that doesn’t mean I don’t accept gifts or there are gazillion things I’m drooling over. Like Gerlan Jeans Visage Crewneck Sweater.  Or, Fjällräven Kanken bag. I’m desperately in love with these bags! I want each and every single colour! Those Nike Air Max 1 Metallic Red Bronze sneakers are to die for though I’m a truly Air Max 90 and 95 fan. And if you have red hair like me, (no, not original red head by the way) a green sparkly beanie is what you need to reveal the redness. Lastly, I want to read Gay Men Don’t Get Fat coffee table book while comforting myself with that amazing pillow.

Well, a few of the things I want but totally can live without. Except that bag. That bag is a must. That bag is vital… That bag… 


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