April 2014


This time last year my husband and I were on vacation in Blue Lagoon. It was a great vacation, the weather was great,  the sea was perfect. And now I’m sitting in our living room, looking through the window to the deep grey sky…Though I know we’re really close to summer, spring 2014 keeps letting me down…

April was…heartbreaking. Death, once again, reminds us that it’s timeless. It’s sudden and when it comes it’s always early. And once again, I really don’t know how but life goes on. It has no mercy. 

On the other side, we celebrated  my sister’s and one of my oldest friends birthday. Mr. was sick during the last days of the month. We ate, we drank, we read, we worked out, we travelled, we watched TV. Because life is fucking going on and it’s fucking unpredictable.

And this photo above is called ” The unbearable weight of winter coats”…

April was a good month when it comes to health. I almost ate clean during the month except a few days that were spent with friends and family. I didn’t swim 5 day a week but I’m happy that I’m now faster and can stay longer in the pool. Swimming is my new favorite thing! Some mornings I need Mr.T to kick my ass to wake me up and make me jump into the pool but mostly I’m doing well. Also to motivate myself, I take photos of my meals. I know there are tones of people around there that judge the people who take photos of their food over instagram. But seriously am I the only one who likes food and cat photos/ videos on Instagram? I’m following more than 400 people and believe me only 60 of them are the friends that I know. My feed is full of healthy food and fitness photos. I feel happy when the food I’m going to eat looks good and I think there is nothing wrong with that. It motivates me and people like me, so please keep sharing.

photo 4 (10)

During April we had some time to wander around the city as our german course was over for two weeks. We discovered nice places. We were specifically looking for a good place to have a picnic and we found one. If the weather lets us in coming days, a delicious picnic is on our agenda. Next week we’re starting to the new level so a friends&family weekend was unevitable. 

In April, I finished reading The Dinner by Herman Koch which is a really a disturbing book. Then I read The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God by Etgar Keret. After that, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman was finished. It’s was a good story. Lastly I finished reading one of my favorite books by  Ingrid Noll, a german writer “Die Haupter meiner Lieben“. I read this novel almost 10 years ago and it’s really on my top 5. And now I have The Diary Of A Young Girl in my hands. Oh and did I mention that I love taking photos of my books?

April also was True Detective month. We finished watching the series a bit late but we want to see it again one more time in coming days. Saying goodbye to blondie partners was sad. If you haven’t seen the series yet, you just have to! 

I want this month to be a taking good care of ourselves month. We were postponing a few health issues for a while now, so I want us to have a little check-up with Mr. T and get over with these little health problems. 

I wish everyone a healthy and fun month. Enjoy every single day.



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