November 2015

december hello

I didn’t want November to end. It was a really good month.  Besides, I don’t want to say goodbye to 2015. Getting closer to a new year and leaving one behind makes me nervous somehow. And plus, it’s officially winter. 

The weather was amazing during last month. The colours were stunning. Everywhere we turned was very beautiful and made me want to take photos with my eyes. During November, we really felt the autumn vibes here in Ankara.


A November without a roadtrip was inevitable. We spent one weekend to visit our friends and families. We also invited our friends to our place one Saturday night. Since cold and short evenings started setting in, late night tea parties with friends are on our agenda. 

During November, we were more socially active than October. We not only had a movie date night but also had the chance to see a play I’ve been longing to see for a very long time. We couldn’t find the new Woodie Allen movie Irrational Man in theatres, instead we saw Spectre 007. Well, I think it’s clear enough to guess who had picked the movie. Though I’m not a super action movie fan, 007 holds a special place in every girl’s heart. And by 007, I mean Daniel Craig. (and the cars)

And the play. It has been being played by one of the most amazing actors and playwright in Turkey. It is writen by Ferhan Şensoy as a oneman show since 1987 and we were lucky to see the 1950th play! It was one of the things in my bucket list and I’m very happy that I had the chance to see it. Also, it was another quality night spent with my husband.


Movies, plays oh and the series. We started and finished watching the first season of Narcos like in 5 days. It’s so far one of the bessst series we’ve seen and the best of 2015 for sure. We also watched Lara Crost Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (because sometimes you need to have lame movie nights), Magic Mike XXL (because sometimes you need to have XX Lame movie nights). I also started watching Rick and Morty because I was looking for a nice animated series to fill the hole Superjail left in me and boo-yah!

We were also did good when it comes to eating during November. I wrote here that we ate horribly last month! And I can immediately see the effects and results of bad nutrition on my health. My skin starts to chap, my hair gets thinner, I can’t get up early and when I do, I feel tired all the time… So It was really time to recover from all of these. As I was (and still) trying to get back to my old morning routine, breakfasts are the most important meal in my day. So to motivate myself, I tried different options for breakfast. Breakfast burritos are one of them and I swear they’re super delicious and super addictive. 

photo 1 (14) copy photo 2 (15) copy


imageHave a theather date night.✓  VICTORY

imageNot to dine out. ✘ Well, we did eat out a few times but not as much as we did in October. So for me, it was a good performance.  

imageTry a new recipe.✓ We tried Fajita and a new fish species which I don’t really like.

imageRead two books.✘ I started reading Super-Cannes by J. G. Ballard and it’s certainly a good book but my sleep routine didn’t allow me to read regularly this month. Somedays, I was up and awake untill 5 am. I don’t know why but to find the reason behind this, I cut down coffee lately. I hope to finish reading it and start a new one in December. 

imageHave a movie date night.✓ With popcorn and chocolates…

imageGo back to my morning routine. Actually I kind of did but I didn’t workout regularly but I blame my stupid sleep routine. This month, I hope to be more steady. 

imageFinish reading Body Language 101.✘ I didn’t even touch it. 

imageClean out our study room. ✘ I cleaned every single room but not that desk. 

goals 2

image Lemon water in the mornings: Lately, I’ve been reading about liver and colone cleanses. I’ve learnt that the best way to help your liver to detox is to drink warm lemon and ginger water first thing in the morning. I’m planning to try in for one month and see if there’s any appreciable changes. 

image Continue meal planning: In November we tried this. We planned every week’s dinner and it really worked. I want to continue meal planning until it becomes one of our routines.

image New year resolutions: I decided on a few of them but not finished yet.

image Prepare our new year card: This year, I want it to be a little funny but I still have no idea.

imageRead 500 pages: Instead of giving book amounts for my reading goals, page quantity is more motivational. 

imageFinish reading Body Language 101: Aghhrr. I will…

I hope you had a beautiful November like we did and also have a wonderful December! December will be good, December will be amazing and December will be buuuuussssy…image

2 thoughts on “November 2015

  1. Biliyor olsaydım haber verirdim. Kesin gelir tekrar, burada kalmaz. :)
    Dancing egg muhteşem ya, ben de hastayım ona :) Çok şık hareketleri var.

  2. Ferhan Şensoy’u sahnede izlemek benim de hayallerimden biri ve her seferinde ıskalıyorum. Yakında gene Ankara’ya uğrar diye umut ediyorum, elden başka bir şey gelmiyor :( Sondaki gif’e de bittim :D

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